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'Green Book' Explores Racism and Friendship in the 1960s; Here's Everything We Know

The road trip is a time-honored cinematic tradition that is renewed with a very real sense of racism and danger in Green Book. Rather than a dry historical treatment, however, director Peter Farrelly infuses the film with wry humor and a welcome consideration of the roots of the differences that can divide us.   Remaining focused on the two lead characters bolsters the film immeasurably, since we get to know them intimately, even as they get to know each other. The relationship is initially a bit cold and chilly, but it warms up quickly. Learn more about Green Book below, then watch the two clips and the trailer. What's the story? The movie follows Italian-American bouncer Tony Vallelonga, known as Tony Lip, who takes a job as a chauffeur for Don "Doc&quot...
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‘Roma’ Review: Alfonso Cuaron Makes His Masterpiece The Mexican Oscar-winner goes into the past and pays tribute to the women who helped raise him in the cinematic event of 2018

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The Possession of Hannah Grace The Possession of Hannah Grace

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