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LasVegasFreeMovies.com was created after 2 years of research and development of solving the issues of accurate and fair distribution of advance movie screening passes. Covering and attending advance movie screenings in Las Vegas for over 15 years has given us a prospective of the challenges of distributing passes to individuals on a fair and wide scope basis.

LasVegasFreeMovies.com has solved those challenges and has added tracking and reporting of who receives advance movie screening passes, actually attending the event and the demographics of the attendees. Designed with powerful software and programming, that gives us the information that has been lacking… until now.

LasVegasFreeMovies.com has a comprehensive subscription sign up page learning about our member’s profile and movie preferences. We can distribute passes to individuals and families that match the criteria of the studio’s target audiences, plus actually finding out if they have retrieved their passes and that they attended the screening giving the studio an accurate report reflecting this information. Our web site is CanSpam compliant and our subscribers are required to double opt-in and can opt-out at any time, plus we do not sell our membership lists to anyone.

Besides the opportunity to receive free advance movie screening passes, LasVegasFreeMovies.com is your one stop for everything movies in the Las Vegas valley. We have links to upcoming movie’s web sites, all major Las Vegas publications’ movie sites, Las Vegas film festivals, links to all showtimes and movie ticket purchasing web sites and links to the web’s most powerful movie search engines. There is never a reason to go anywhere else for your movie information!

LasVegasFreeMovies.com offers unique powerful advertising opportunities with links to chosen sponsor’s web sites and promotions along with our ‘personalized’ special offers that are trackable.

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Next 3 Long-awaited Sequels: 'The Girl in the Spider's Web,' 'Mary Poppins Returns,' 'Zombieland 2'

Jamie Lee Curtis returns as Laurie Strode in David Gordon Green's Halloween (above), a sequel that arrives 40 years after John Carpenter's classic original. Defying modest expectations, the low-budget thriller earned the best opening weekend in the history of the horror franchise, taking in an estimated $77.5 million at the box office; critical reaction has been favorable as well. Halloween picks up 40 years after the events in the original, ignoring everything that happened in all past sequels. Still, that's not even the longest lapse in years between an original and a sequel to be released this year! We look into more long-awaited sequels below.   'The Girl in the Spider's Web' Created by author Stieg Larsson in a trilogy of mystery novels...
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‘What They Had’ Review: Tender Family Story Is No Disease-of-the-Week Melodrama A-list cast turn story of elderly mother suffering from Alzheimer's into a touching, poignant story of the ties that bind

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Bohemian Rhapsody Bohemian Rhapsody

Opens Friday, Nov 2, 2018

Singer Freddie Mercury of Queen battles personal demons.

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